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Become The Alpha.

Alpha Fighter Management is a sports management and marketing company based in Ireland working with athletes in the world of combat sport. Our aim is to help talented fighters achieve their potential and to maximise their financial capability throughout their career. Hard work and dedication are at the core of our business. Professionalism dominates every aspect of our Alpha’s. Comprehensive services have been developed where every aspect is covered in order to optimise athletes’ performance and develop their talent. These services include competition planning and management, contract negotiations and servicing, marketing and promotion, merchandising and brand building, social media optimisation, coaching, financial, travel, and accommodation management. Alpha Fighter Management is currently guiding some of the biggest up and coming stars of the fight game navigate their careers.

Featured Programs

As Alpha fighters, you will become eligible for a number of programmes run throughout the company, We specialize in creating a brand identity for clients from all backgrounds and success levels. Alpha Fighter Management has demonstrated the ability to create dynamic and engaging campaigns that allow brands to grow along with our athletes. 

Social Media Training

Our team of experts understands key marketing concepts and that alignment of client values combined with establishing congruent messages between the brand and the athlete is essential to communicating a uniform message and maximizing brand value.


Fighters should fight its that simple so with Alpha Fighter Management you are sure to get as much guidance needed to push you to the next, we cover everything from the below list and cater to every need of our athlete.

  • Nutritionist
  • Fight Camp/Training Camp
  • Mental Conditioning & Sports Psychologist

MMA Management

We understand each fighter has individual needs and wants and we use a holistic marketing approach to build each fighter’s brand to match their personality and provide them with the best opportunities during and after their fight careers.

“Alpha Fighter Management is the most professional, driven & demanding team I’ve ever worked with and I credit that to the consistent  hard work and human optimisation carried out each day to make me better as an athlete & person, AFM guided me through my Wimp 2 Warrior journey and allowed me to concentrate on what was the most alien thing in the world to do which was have an MMA contest. They showed me how to reset when things didn’t go as planned as well as teaching me to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Reinis Lubraks

Alpha Fighter Management is currently working with our up and coming amateur fighters at SBG Cork City providing 1:1 as well as group session that focuses on everything a fighter turning pro needs to know and understand before making the transition to the pro leagues. These sessions cover everything from sponsorship’s, endorsements, PR, brand building & management, social media training, and public speaking. Alpha Fighter Management has become an integral part of the SBG Cork and with their expert guidance our young fighters not only know how to protect themselves inside the cage but how to protect and grow their finances outside the cage.

Liam Og Griffin


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