Ryan “Thunder” O’ Connor

Fighter Bio

Ryan ‘Thunder’ O’Connor hails from County Cork, located in the South West of Ireland. Like his ancestors, O’Connor as a young boy was drawn to fighting out of a need to protect what he felt was his right, In 2016 Ryan was to find Straight Blast Gym Cork an affiliate to Coach Kavanagh’s SBG Dublin Gym, Where he continued to sharpen the tools he had honed on the streets of Cork for many years previously, 

Ryan states “The MMA scene in Ireland is one the fastest growing sports here. The talent that we have is amazing and to be part of the SBG Cork Revolution is an honor & to be able to train with the level of fighter we currently have in the Gym every day gives me the confidence to not only run through the amateur featherweight division but also make serious waves in the pro leagues.

Ryan “Thunder” O’ Connor has already represented Ireland on the Amateur scene and has plans to make it back to the Euro & World championships this year, Ryan’s goal as a mixed martial artist is to make a sustainable living from the sport and to make it to the highest level the sport has to offer.




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